Image of a smart phone that is a spam blocker

An effective spam blocker for the person who can't just ignore all callers.

Ever heard the advice “just don’t answer unknown calls!”? Wouldn’t it be great if that was an actual option?

Some of us can’t ignore every unknown call because that unknown number could be our newest business client, or a new customer. Maybe it was a new contact or a new lead.

We need something better.

Spam Fighter keeps your phone up to date with the latest spam numbers so you know exactly who isn’t calling you!

The Smart Spam Blocker We All Need

Spam Fighter uses several techniques to keep spammers blocked from calling your phone. 

Using data from several sources and advanced spam algorithms, Spam Fighter gives you top-notch protection.

The good, the bad, and the spam

Spam Fighter knows who spammers are, but never blocks any of your contacts. So you don’t have to worry about missing any important calls from friends, family or work.


Sombrero wearing cowboy that symbolizes being a spam blocker
Image of a row of houses meant to symbolize how to stop phone spoofing

Neighbor Spoofing

Ever get a call from a phone number that looks like yours?

Odd are, it’s a spam call, and spammers know you’re more likely to answer it because it looks familiar.

Phone spoofing is when spammers surreptitiously use a phone number assigned to a real person or company to make spam calls.  

Spam Fighter knows how to identify this neighbor scam and let you know whether it’s a real call or spam. Just turn on blocking for ‘Neighbor Spoofing’.

Call blocking and Identification

Spam Fighter can help you identify spam callers before they can even ring your phone. 

Or, you can setup Spam Fighter as an outright spam blocker, so that you don’t even have to hear them ring your phone in the first place!

Image of a guru-type individual meant to symbolize the peace our spam blocker will bring to customers
In-app image showing how our app is a leading-edge spam blocker. It will know who is calling so you don't have to guess.

Custom Spam Block Lists

You can add your own custom block list to Spam Fighter if you need to block some personal spammers too. This lets you keep all your spam blocking in one convenient app.