Incoming Call Screen

Peaceful man sitting quietly because his incoming call screen is preventing unnecessary robocalls

We’ve all been there. 

It’s been a long day, and you’re dead tired. The light at the end of the tunnel is sitting down to a really nice dinner with people you actually like. 

You wearily drop into your chair, the mouth-watering odors of delicious food wafting into your nose. This is going to be so good and so needed.

Then your phone rings.

How you wish you could just ignore this but you’ve been really struggling to achieve some success and a phone call is all you’re waiting for. This could be it.

With baited breath, you lift the phone. Dinner can wait.


“Hi, this is Anne with the warranty department…”

"Why is Ameritech, Ohio calling me...?"

Robocalls are not a recent problem, but they are dramatically increasing in frequency and persistence. 2017 saw an estimated 30.7 billion robocalls, which was blown away by the 47.8 billion robocalls that came in during 2018. Billion, with a ‘b’. Oh, and those numbers are just for the U.S. 

That amounts to every single adult in the U.S., 18 and over, receiving approximately 197 robocalls per year. Every single adult. When you consider the reality that not all of those calls are actually averaged out between every adult, that means some of us receive a whole lot of robocalls. 

Why "don't answer robocalls" isn't always an option

Realistically, most people can likely ignore all their incoming calls without a problem. Just looking at the caller-id screen is enough for them to recognize an unknown number and silence the call. The call then amounts to a momentary interruption in your day before you move on. 


Unhappy woman answers the phone because she does not have an incoming call screen option

Unfortunately, some of us rely on our phones for business, or we frequently have new contacts from various parts of the country that may be calling. A recent survey by Consumer Reports found that 84% of small business owners receive at least a single robocall every single day, and 54% reported five or more per day. That translates directly into lost money.

When the phone rings, an employee has to stop what they are doing, refocus and answer the phone. After determining that the call is spam, the employee can then return to their task. While that may only translate into 2 or so minutes per call, when a business has multiple lines all receiving five or more calls a day, that can translate into hours of lost productivity per day.

Even worse, the never-ending stream of spam calls lowers employee productivity with actual calls as they become fatigued with answering the phone. Having received five robocalls in a row, for instance, an employee likely won’t be as prompt in answering the phone, or answer it as if it was a sixth robocall. This can unfortunate consequences and is very difficult to prevent.

What if there was an incoming call screen to screen these calls before they arrived?

image of the spam fighter app screening incoming calls

At Spam Fighter, we recognize the direct impact that these calls have on the bottom line of businesses. After all, we are in the same boat as you are.

So to help our own sanity and business ventures, we developed the Spam Fighter Mobile App, which brings the power of automated call screening right to your phone. 

Here’s how it works:

After installing the Spam Fighter mobile App, your calls will now get screened by a specially configured algorithm that can detect how likely the call is coming from a spammer.

It’s a robot that screens robots. 

We eliminate spam calls in two ways – comparing the number with our known spam-number database, and actively screening the calls from numbers that are more likely to target your phone number.

So, instead of just creating a blanket call-blocking list, Spam Fighter can actively screen your phone from numbers that might appear to be genuine but are still spam, such as those resulting from caller ID spoofing.

An incoming call screen you don't have to babysit!

Spam is on the rise, and unfortunately time and patience are not. Spam Fighter is a set-it-and-forget it option that just might save your sanity…..and that delicious dinner that is still sitting there cold…